How can I change Menu ( Add Item , Change Item, Add/Change Price)

First of all Login to Admin panel (If You Dont know Please Contact to Support Team to send your credential )
  1. Then Go to Menu Setup (You can maintain the Menu from this section)

  • Menu Upload = You can download the sample excel file and prepare the menu in excel and upload 
  • Main Item Setup = Main Item Mean Category. You can Add/Change Main Item
    • There is an option Name, Kitchen Type(If you have multiple printer in you restaurant you can set the printer Learn)  and menu show/hide 
  • Item Display Order = you can arrange the Main Item Display.
  • Sub Item Setup = After Setup Main Item Th
  • Catering Menu Setup
  • Catering Item Display Order
  • Special Menu Setup
  • Combo & Choice Menu Setup
  • Toppings Setup
  • Sizes Setup
  • Lunch/Dinner Menu Setup
  • Topping Category Name
  • Topping Category Setup

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